Arsenal legend Kanu Nwankwo makes first big decision at NPFL kings Enyimba

Enyimba, one of the biggest clubs in Nigeria, has recently undergone a significant change in leadership. Former Super Eagles star Kanu Nwankwo has been appointed as the Chairman of the club and is determined to keep them at the top of their game.

Kanu, who is venturing into club management for the first time, understands the importance of making the right decisions to maintain Enyimba’s success. In his first major move, he has instructed all the staff at the club to re-apply for their positions.

This announcement was made in a letter signed by the Sporting director Ifeanyi Ekwueme. It means that everyone, including head coach Finidi George and the technical staff, will have to go through the re-application process. However, there is a possibility that they could retain their positions if they comply with Kanu’s directive.

This decision by Kanu is seen as a breath of fresh air for Enyimba, as the previous chairman, Anyasi Agwu, had been in charge since 1999. With Kanu’s wealth of experience and knowledge in football, he aims to bring a new perspective and energy to the club.

Enyimba has a rich history in Nigerian football, having won the CAF Champions League twice. Kanu’s goal is to maintain this level of success and help the club reach even greater heights. By ensuring that the staff re-apply for their jobs, he is creating an environment of competition and accountability, where everyone has to prove their worth to remain part of the club.

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This move also reflects Kanu’s commitment to building a strong and efficient team behind the scenes. With the right staff, Enyimba can develop and implement strategies that will contribute to their continued success on the field.

In conclusion, Kanu Nwankwo’s appointment as Chairman of Enyimba brings a fresh start for the club. By instructing the entire staff to re-apply for their positions, Kanu is setting the tone for a new era of competitiveness and accountability. With his guidance and the dedication of the staff, Enyimba has the potential to remain one of the biggest and most successful clubs in Nigeria.

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