“Blood was taken out of my leg every week” – Awoniyi opens up on injury that kept him out for three months

Super Eagles striker Taiwo Awoniyi had a mixed season at Nottingham Forest, ending on a high note despite facing setbacks. The 25-year-old Nigerian footballer had a good start to the season, scoring the club’s first Premier League goal in a 1-0 victory against West Ham. However, he only managed two more Premier League goals until the World Cup break in November.

Awoniyi picked up his form at the turn of the year, becoming the man of the match for Nottingham Forest in their first game of 2023 against Chelsea. He then scored the winner for them in their second game of the year against Southampton. Unfortunately, Awoniyi sustained an injury that kept him out of action for over three months, missing 12 games in the process.

In an exclusive interview with Soccernet.ng, Awoniyi revealed what was going through his mind during the period he was out injured. He said, “In life, there are always ups and downs. People that believe more suffer more, but it does not mean that those who don’t believe don’t also suffer. There are things in life one cannot control, and injuries are part of them.”

Awoniyi’s injury came at a time when he was beginning to understand himself and the team and get into form. He wasn’t happy about it, and his family was also affected by his injury. His wife was always crying, and his mom was almost crying every day because he was on crutches for about a month. However, Awoniyi remained optimistic and relied on his faith to push through the tough time.

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Upon his return, Awoniyi needed seven games to hit his stride. When he eventually reached top gear, he single-handedly saved his club from relegation by scoring five goals in the Tricky Trees’ final three games of the season to help them to a 16th-place finish in the league.

In conclusion, Taiwo Awoniyi faced setbacks during the season, but he remained strong and optimistic. His faith and determination helped him to overcome his injury and end the season on a high note. Nottingham Forest will be looking to build on his performances next season and push for a higher finish in the Premier League.

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