Taiwo Awoniyi

Nigerian striker Taiwo Awoniyi has spoken out about his eventful season with Nottingham Forest and his aspirations for the upcoming Premier League campaign. Despite a slow start to his time in the English Premier League, Awoniyi showed great form before and after a three-month injury. In an exclusive interview with Sporty9ja, Awoniyi reflected on the highs and lows of the past season and expressed his determination to give his best and his expectations for the future.

Awoniyi’s impact was felt when he scored a crucial goal against Arsenal, denting their title hopes and securing the Premier League trophy for Manchester City. Despite his injury setback, the Nigerian star managed to score 10 goals in 27 EPL games in the 2022-23 season, showcasing his prowess as a striker.

Speaking about the challenges faced during the previous season, Awoniyi emphasized the collective effort of the whole team in securing Premier League survival. He commended the coaches for bringing everyone together and changing the situation. Awoniyi stressed the significance of scoring goals as a center forward and expressed his commitment to give his best effort in every game.

While the final decision on who plays lies with the coach, Awoniyi remains dedicated to contributing to the team’s success, regardless of his role. He acknowledged that not everything has gone his way in recent years but maintained that he always gives his utmost dedication and effort, even when facing challenges behind the scenes. His focus remains on doing his best and avoiding any regrets.

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Nottingham Forest fans eagerly anticipate Awoniyi’s contributions to the Premier League, knowing that his unwavering commitment and resilience will be instrumental to the team’s success. As the team prepares to face Mikel Arteta’s Arsenal in their first EPL game, all eyes will be on Awoniyi as he strives to fulfill his potential and help Nottingham Forest achieve victory.

Overall, Awoniyi’s determination and positive attitude towards his career and the upcoming Premier League season highlight his commitment to continuous improvement and success. Nottingham Forest fans can look forward to witnessing his impact on the team’s performance in the top flight.

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