Brentford and Super Eagles midfielder talks about Life in the English Premier League

Super Eagles midfielder, Frank Onyeka, has given an insightful interview about his life in the English Premier League and Brentford’s goals and aspirations. Speaking on The Hindsight Podcast, Onyeka discussed his approach to dealing with injuries and playing alongside other Nigerians in the league.

When asked about Brentford’s goals as a team, Onyeka revealed that they discuss their objectives before the start of the season, and the coaches and staff are already planning ahead. He also talked about the team’s aspirations, stating that their dream is to secure a spot in European competition.

Although Onyeka acknowledges that finishing in the top four will be a tough challenge considering the competition from Manchester City, Newcastle, Manchester United, Arsenal, and Liverpool, he believes in the team’s ability and determination.

Onyeka, who is nicknamed “The Tank” due to his physical prowess on the pitch, also talked about how injuries affect footballers and how much time it takes to get back to being match-fit. He emphasized that the recovery period differs for every player and that it takes time to slowly work one’s way back to being match-fit.

Despite feeling pressure during his early days in the game, Onyeka has learned to take it in his stride and has pushed his injury woes behind him. In his debut season with Brentford, he made twenty-six appearances, bagged two assists, and helped the team claim points from some of the Premier League’s big teams.

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In conclusion, Onyeka’s interview provides an interesting insight into the life of a young midfielder in the Premier League and the aspirations of his team. With his determination, physical prowess, and ability, Onyeka is a player to watch out for in the future.

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