De Zerbi Behind My Improvement As A Player –Colwill

Chelsea defender Levi Colwill has credited his loan spell under Brighton manager Roberto de Zerbi for his significant improvement as a player. Colwill, who is currently with England U21s preparing for the Euros quarterfinals, emphasized the positive impact De Zerbi had on his development.

Describing the training sessions with De Zerbi, Colwill stated, “Training with him is very tough, but it’s what you need. He’s helped me improve so much this season you wouldn’t understand.” The young defender also acknowledged how De Zerbi has helped him grow and understand the level of commitment required to become the best.

During matches, Colwill highlighted De Zerbi’s constant guidance from the sidelines, providing valuable information and support. The Chelsea defender expressed his gratitude for having a coach who is dedicated to helping players progress and recognizes their potential. Colwill added that such support gives him the confidence to play his natural game, knowing that his coach has his back.

Colwill praised De Zerbi as a great person and revealed that the manager’s goal aligns with his own desire to reach the top level. The defender also mentioned how De Zerbi’s coaching style has helped him shift his mindset and understand that he is not just present to be part of the team but to continuously learn and develop as a player.

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Overall, Colwill expressed his satisfaction with working under De Zerbi and acknowledged the significant impact the manager has had on his growth and improvement. The defender believes that De Zerbi’s coaching has shown him the path to reaching the top level and has motivated him to strive for excellence.

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