FIBA rejects new constitution for NBBF, insists on January 30, 2022 for elections 

The Federation of International Basketball Associations (FIBA) has recently announced that it will not recognize any amendments made to the 2019 constitution of the Nigerian Basketball Federation (NBBF). This has caused quite a stir in the Nigerian basketball community, as the NBBF has been looking to make some changes to its constitution ahead of the upcoming elections.

FIBA’s decision is based on the fact that the NBBF did not follow the proper procedures for making amendments to its constitution. According to FIBA regulations, any changes made to a national federation’s constitution must be approved by FIBA before they can take effect. The NBBF did not seek FIBA’s approval for the changes it made to its constitution, which is why FIBA has refused to recognize them.

FIBA’s decision means that the upcoming NBBF elections will be held under the 2019 constitution, which has caused some concern among stakeholders in Nigerian basketball. Some members of the NBBF are worried that the 2019 constitution is outdated and does not reflect the current needs of the Nigerian basketball community.

Despite these concerns, FIBA has made it clear that it will not accept any amendments to the constitution at this time. The NBBF will have to wait until after the upcoming elections to make any changes to its constitution, and those changes will have to be approved by FIBA before they can take effect.

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This decision by FIBA underscores the importance of following proper procedures when making changes to a national federation’s constitution. It also highlights the need for transparency and accountability in the governance of national sports federations.

In the end, the NBBF will have to work within the framework of the 2019 constitution for the upcoming elections. However, there is still hope that the NBBF can make the necessary changes to its constitution after the elections, with the approval of FIBA, to better serve the needs of Nigerian basketball.

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