FIFPRO’s stern warning: Nigerian players beware of Egypt’s football clubs

FIFPRO, the international players’ union, has issued a warning to Nigerian players and other footballers against signing with clubs in Egypt due to a rise in labour conflicts. The caution comes in light of issues such as non-payment of salaries and abusive behaviour within the Egyptian football scene. FIFPRO has strongly advised Nigerian players, as well as other footballers, to exercise extreme caution when considering a move to the Egyptian league. They stress the importance of protecting players’ interests by not surrendering passports, not signing blank contracts, and seeking support from trusted parties in case of disputes. FIFPRO highlights the possibility of clubs requesting International Transfer Certificates through intermediaries, urging players to meticulously document such processes for future evidentiary purposes. As players continue to eye moves to Egypt, FIFPRO’s warning serves as a crucial reminder to exercise vigilance and protect their rights and interests in an increasingly challenging football landscape.

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