Governor Soludo Has Given Approval For Establishment Of Anambra State-Owned Football Club  –State FA Chairman,  Iloenyosi

Anambra State Government has made a significant decision to enter the world of football by sponsoring their own football club, according to reports from This move comes after Chikelue Iloenyosi, the Chairman of the Anambra State Football Association, revealed that he has received executive approval from Governor Chukwuma Soludo for the establishment of the team. The former Nigeria international expressed his gratitude to Governor Soludo, stating that this decision is of great importance to the state.

Anambra State has long been without a state-owned football club, making this development a significant one. The state joins the ranks of other state governments that sponsor football teams in the various domestic leagues across the country. Anambra State, along with Ebonyi State in the South-East and Lagos State in the South-West, have been without clubs in Nigeria’s domestic football leagues until now.

Chikelue Iloenyosi also took the opportunity to address issues surrounding the ongoing Anambra State All Stars Football Championship. He referred to the disqualification of the Ekwulobia All Stars team for including a referee who was currently officiating in the tournament in their matchday squad list. Iloenyosi deemed this action “unprofessional” and compared it to being a “solicitor and judge at the same time.” He emphasized the importance of maintaining the integrity and quality of the competition while addressing such issues promptly.

There were suggestions that both teams involved should have been summoned to face the Football Association (FA) panel to defend themselves. However, Iloenyosi stated that this was unnecessary due to the clear and convincing evidence against the disqualified team. He clarified that a referee is allowed to play in the tournament as long as they are not part of the officiating referees. The FA boss cited examples of other referees participating in the tournament as players and emphasized that a referee cannot officiate and play in the same competition.

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Despite the challenges faced by the FA in organizing the tournament, including financial constraints, Iloenyosi expressed optimism for future editions. He promised that the second edition would be even better, with more teams participating. He also praised the Anambra State Government for providing the Awka City Stadium, which has been instrumental in the state’s sports revolution.

In conclusion, the Anambra State Government’s decision to establish their own football club marks an important milestone for the state. With the support of Governor Soludo and the dedication of the Anambra State Football Association, the state aims to make a mark in the world of football. As the Anambra State All Stars Football Championship continues, the FA remains committed to upholding justice and fair play while providing an enjoyable experience for players and spectators alike.

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