Greenwood Won’t Be Able To Play In EPL Again After Court Case  –Agbonlahor

Former Aston Villa star and television pundit, Gabriel Agbonlahor, has expressed his belief that Mason Greenwood will not be able to return to playing in the Premier League following his court case. Greenwood, who has been absent from Manchester United’s lineup since his arrest in January 2022 on charges of attempted rape, using coercive or controlling behavior, and violence, had all charges against him dismissed by the Crown Prosecution Service in February. However, Agbonlahor maintains that Greenwood’s reputation has been tarnished and that he may need to seek opportunities outside of England.

Despite the setbacks, Greenwood remains contracted to Manchester United for two more years and has been included in the team’s list of retained players for the upcoming 2023-24 season. He has also been diligent in maintaining his fitness and conditioning, as evidenced by a photo published by The Sun that shows Greenwood working out alongside his United teammate Elanga and Udinese’s James Abankwah.

Agbonlahor suggests that Greenwood’s future may lie in a different country and league, with Serie A club Atalanta reportedly showing interest in a potential loan deal. Speaking on the talkSPORT Sports Breakfast show, Agbonlahor stated, “I don’t think he will play in the Premier League again. I think his reputation is damaged at Manchester United and England. He will play on again in a different country, a different league.”

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The former Aston Villa star highlights the influence of clubs, managers, and owners in determining Greenwood’s future, emphasizing that it will ultimately be their decision whether to sign the young talent. Agbonlahor also takes into account the passionate nature of English football fans and believes that it will be challenging for Greenwood to return to playing for Manchester United in such an environment.

As the situation unfolds, it remains to be seen what the future holds for Mason Greenwood. However, his talent and potential are undeniable, and clubs around the world will undoubtedly be keeping a close eye on his progress and considering whether to give him another opportunity.

By Israel Otele

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