Group urges Presidency to probe $2.2million basketball’s Kwese deal

Nigerian Basketball Stakeholders Call for Investigation into Kwese Deal

A group of Nigerian basketball stakeholders and sports enthusiasts have called on President Muhammadu Buhari to launch a full investigation into the $2.2 million Kwese basketball deal. The group, known as Friends of Nigeria Sports (FNS), is concerned that the deal may have violated Nigerian laws on sports administration and financial management.

The Kwese deal, signed in 2017, was intended to promote basketball in Nigeria and provide opportunities for young Nigerian players. However, the FNS claims that the deal was not transparent and did not involve key stakeholders in Nigerian basketball. The group is also concerned that the deal may have led to the mismanagement of funds and the exploitation of young Nigerian players.

The FNS has therefore called on President Buhari to launch a full investigation into the Kwese deal and to hold those responsible for any wrongdoing accountable. The group believes that such an investigation is necessary to restore trust and confidence in Nigerian basketball and to ensure that the sport is managed in accordance with best practices and international standards.

Nigeria has a rich tradition in basketball, with many talented players who have gone on to play in the NBA and other international leagues. However, the sport has faced many challenges in Nigeria, including a lack of infrastructure, funding, and support from the government and private sector.

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The FNS believes that the Kwese deal, if properly managed, could have helped to address some of these challenges and to promote basketball as a viable and sustainable sport in Nigeria. However, the group is concerned that the deal may have been driven by personal interests and not by the best interests of Nigerian basketball and its stakeholders.

The FNS has therefore urged President Buhari to take swift action to investigate the Kwese deal and to ensure that Nigerian basketball is managed in a transparent, accountable, and sustainable manner. The group believes that this will help to promote the growth and development of the sport in Nigeria and to provide opportunities for young Nigerian players to excel both at home and abroad.

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