How Guardiola’s Time As Bayern Coach Damaged German’s National Team  —Schweinsteiger

In a recent interview, former German international Bastian Schweinsteiger has pointed out that Pep Guardiola’s tenure as the coach of Bayern Munich had a detrimental impact on the German national team. Schweinsteiger, who played under Guardiola for two seasons before moving to Manchester United, believes that Germany’s decline in football can be attributed to a change in their football philosophy.

Since winning the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil, Germany has failed to make a significant impact in subsequent tournaments. They were eliminated in the group stages of both the 2018 and 2022 World Cups and could only reach the round of 16 stage in the 2020 European Championship. According to Schweinsteiger, the decision to adopt a different style of play has affected their performance.

Schweinsteiger explains that when Guardiola joined Bayern Munich in 2013, there was a shift towards a more possession-based and short-passing style of play. This change in football philosophy led the German team to focus on playing the ball nicely to each other instead of relying on their traditional strengths of fighting and running until the end. As a result, they lost sight of what made them successful in the past.

The former midfielder believes that this shift in playing style has had a negative impact on the German national team and football in general. He suggests that Germany’s value as a team known for their strength and determination has been overshadowed by a focus on playing an attractive style of football. Schweinsteiger argues that other countries used to look up to Germany as a team that fought until the end, but they have lost that identity in recent years.

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In conclusion, Schweinsteiger suggests that the change in football philosophy influenced by Guardiola’s time at Bayern Munich has damaged the German national team. While the possession-based style of play may have its merits, it seems that Germany has lost sight of their traditional strengths. As they aim to regain their former glory, it is crucial for the German team to strike a balance between playing attractive football and maintaining their fighting spirit.

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