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Tiger Woods has successfully avoided a legal hazard as his ex-girlfriend, Erica Herman, has dropped her $30 million lawsuit against his estate. The golfing legend can now breathe a sigh of relief as the case has been resolved in his favor.

Herman had initially filed the lawsuit in March, accusing Woods of illegally evicting her from their luxurious Florida mansion. However, recent reports have confirmed that the lawsuit has been dropped, bringing an end to the legal dispute.

The New York Post, which obtained the documents related to the case, reported that the judge overseeing the lawsuit had ordered it into arbitration back in May. This ruling was a positive outcome for Woods, and now it seems he has received even better news with the dismissal of the lawsuit.

Herman’s claim stemmed from her belief that she was entitled to live rent-free in the mansion due to the “valuable services” she provided to Woods during their six-year relationship. She argued that there was an oral agreement between them for a five-year tenancy, which began before their split in 2022. However, the absence of a written agreement weakened her case.

With the lawsuit now off his plate, Tiger Woods can focus on his golfing career and continue to make headlines for his impressive performances on the course. This legal victory will undoubtedly serve as a confidence booster for the golf superstar, allowing him to concentrate on his game without any distractions.

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