ECL Final: Fiorentina Won’t Change Style Of Football Against West Ham –Milenkovic

Fiorentina defender Nikola Milenkovic has expressed his team’s determination to maintain their style of football in the Europa Conference League final against West Ham tonight. In a press conference ahead of the game, Milenkovic said that Fiorentina would attack West Ham and be ambitious in their play.

Milenkovic acknowledged that West Ham is a powerful and fast-paced side with physically strong players, but he believes that Fiorentina has its own strengths and should be confident in their ability to win the game. He emphasized that today’s game is an historic one for Fiorentina, and they are determined to put the icing on the cake by winning the trophy.

Despite the potential risks of playing an attacking style of football, Milenkovic insisted that Fiorentina would not change their approach. He pointed out that they had achieved less than they deserved in the Coppa Italia, and that their style had served them well all season long. Milenkovic recognized the need for concentration and situational awareness in a final, but he was confident that Fiorentina would rise to the occasion.

The Europa Conference League final promises to be an exciting and hard-fought game between two talented teams. Fiorentina and West Ham have both shown their quality in the tournament so far, and it will be fascinating to see which team comes out on top. With Milenkovic’s words in mind, it seems that Fiorentina will not go down without a fight.

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