‘He has the level of Drogba’ – Everything Jose Mourinho told Soccernet.ng about Victor Osimhen

Title: Victor Osimhen’s Unforgettable Encounter with Mourinho: A Source of Inspiration


Victor Osimhen, the young Nigerian striker, had an unforgettable encounter with one of the most successful coaches in football, Jose Mourinho. This encounter took place during a game against AS Roma, where Osimhen scored one of the season’s best goals. Mourinho’s words of advice and comparison to Didier Drogba left a lasting impression on Osimhen, providing him with the motivation to continue his successful football career.

The Memorable Goal

Osimhen’s incredible goal against AS Roma showcased his skill and talent. Despite facing a barrage of ankle attacks from Roma’s defensive trio, Osimhen managed to score a wonder striker, leaving everyone in disbelief. The goal was a result of instinctive chest control and a half-volley before the Roma defenders had a chance to react.

Mourinho’s Encouragement

Upon witnessing Osimhen’s goal, Mourinho approached him on the sidelines to share a few words. He praised Osimhen for his amazing goal but advised him against diving, stating that he didn’t need to resort to such tactics. Osimhen reassured Mourinho that he wasn’t simulating a foul but had, in fact, been pushed. Mourinho acknowledged this and encouraged Osimhen to continue on his current path, emphasizing that he was on the right track.

Compliments from the Best

Osimhen cherished Mourinho’s compliments, considering them an honor coming from someone of Mourinho’s caliber. Being compared to Didier Drogba, who had also played under Mourinho, further elevated Osimhen’s spirits. Mourinho highlighted that Osimhen possessed similar qualities to Drogba but needed to eliminate diving from his game. Osimhen expressed his gratitude for Mourinho’s words and acknowledged the impact Mourinho had on shaping world-class strikers like Drogba.

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An Inspiration for the Future

Playing under Mourinho is considered a significant privilege for any aspiring young striker, and Osimhen recognizes the immense honor it brings. He acknowledged the positive influence Mourinho had on Drogba, transforming him into a football beast. For Osimhen, receiving compliments from Mourinho during the game served as a tremendous source of motivation and fuel to continue his football journey.

Looking Ahead

As Osimhen enters the 2023-24 season, he aims to build on his past successes. Fans eagerly anticipate another encounter between Osimhen and Mourinho, as the young striker continues to impress on the football pitch. Although there have been speculations about Osimhen’s future, with clubs like Manchester United and PSG expressing interest, Napoli’s valuation of 150 million euros has deterred potential suitors.


Victor Osimhen’s encounter with Jose Mourinho left an indelible mark on the young striker’s career. The praise and advice he received from one of the greatest football coaches of all time have served as a valuable source of inspiration. Osimhen’s determination to succeed and his commitment to improving his game are evident. As he continues to progress, fans eagerly anticipate witnessing Osimhen’s future achievements and potential future encounters with Mourinho.

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