Tosin Omojola

: Ban on Shooting Stars Media Officer Lifted

Tosin Omojola, the media officer of Shooting Stars Football Club, has been forgiven and had his ban lifted by the Interim Management Committee of the club. This follows Omojola’s apology and appeal for forgiveness in the wake of his statements after the Oluyole Warriors matchday 31 against Remo Stars.

The ban, which was initially handed down for one year, was seen by many as too harsh a punishment for Omojola. However, the committee was quick to point out that Omojola’s statements were considered a serious breach of the club’s code of conduct.

Despite the severity of the ban, Omojola was quick to express his regret and to apologise for his actions. In a statement released by the club, Omojola said, “I take full responsibility for my actions and I humbly accept the consequences of my words. I regret the impact my comments have had on the reputation of the club and the players. I sincerely apologise for any offence caused.”

In response to Omojola’s apology, the committee said that they had taken into consideration his remorse and decided to reduce the ban from one year to six months. The committee said that they were glad that Omojola had taken responsibility for his words and was working to rebuild the reputation of the club.

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The club’s decision is seen as a positive step forward in the ongoing efforts to improve the club’s image. Omojola’s ban has been lifted and he is now free to resume his duties as Shooting Stars media officer. The club has also taken steps to ensure that all members abide by the code of conduct and fully understand the importance of using their words responsibly.

In the wake of the ban being lifted, Shooting Stars have wished Omojola all the best in his future endeavours and thanked him for his commitment to the club.

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