Victor Osimhen

Italian football expert Enrico Varriale has suggested that a transfer fee of €150 million would not be unreasonable for Nigerian striker Victor Osimhen. Varriale’s assessment comes after AC Milan received a €70 million windfall from the sale of Sandro Tonali to Newcastle United. Tonali, who is highly regarded in Italy, had modest statistics compared to Osimhen, who scored 26 league goals and secured the title of Serie A’s top scorer, helping Napoli win their first Scudetto in 33 years.

Varriale believes that only Manchester City’s Erling Haaland can rival Osimhen’s prowess, making the €150 million transfer fee justifiable in the current inflated market. He acknowledges that Napoli, under the leadership of their chairman De Laurentiis, have the financial stability to resist any offers for their star striker. Varriale even suggests that an evaluation of €200 million might be appropriate, although he recognizes the excessiveness of such figures, attributing them to the madness in the market.

He emphasizes the difficulty in finding a replacement for Osimhen with similar characteristics and strength, especially considering the tactical demands of Italian football. Varriale praises De Laurentiis for Napoli’s stability and highlights the financial constraints faced by Inter, who cannot buy anyone without selling Onana.

Despite interest from top clubs such as Chelsea, Manchester United, PSG, and Real Madrid, it remains to be seen which team will secure Osimhen’s services. His performances have attracted attention, and with his impressive goal-scoring record, it is understandable why his transfer fee could reach such high figures in the current market.

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