“Except to waste resources”- NFF blasts Super Falcons coach after outburst

The Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) Communications director, Ademola Olajire, has responded to the recent criticism of the organization by Super Falcons coach, Randy Waldrum. In an interview on the Sounding Off on Soccer with John Krysinsky podcast, Waldrum expressed his frustration with the lack of support from the NFF in preparing for the upcoming FIFA Women’s World Cup.

Waldrum highlighted the difficulties in selecting players from different parts of the world, with some on holiday and others in the midst of their club seasons. He also mentioned the logistical challenges of bringing the players together and obtaining visas for everyone involved.

Furthermore, the coach revealed that the NFF had canceled an initial training camp in Nigeria, which would have allowed him to assess all the players and make necessary adjustments to the squad. This decision was a significant blow to the team’s preparations for the World Cup.

Waldrum also discussed previous issues with the NFF, including delayed wages and interference with the squad list. He shared an incident where the team boycotted training due to unpaid wages, and a player was dismissed from the national team for speaking out about the ongoing problem.

In response to Waldrum’s allegations, NFF Communications Director Ademola Olajire dismissed them as baseless and referred to the coach as clueless. Olajire questioned the need for another training camp for home-based players, as the final squad had already been selected.

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Olajire also criticized Waldrum for leaving out certain players from the squad and accused him of making his outbursts just days before the team’s departure for the World Cup.

Despite the challenges and internal disputes, the Super Falcons are set to compete in Group B of the FIFA Women’s World Cup, alongside Australia, the Republic of Ireland, and Canada. The team will face Canada in their opening match, but they will be without Ajibade Rasheedat due to a previously upheld suspension.

It remains to be seen how these issues will affect the team’s performance in the tournament. However, it is clear that there is tension between the Super Falcons coach and the NFF, which could have implications for the team’s success on the international stage.

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