“It’s not about my team”- Nottingham Forest forward Awoniyi reacts to Unicorn’s loss to International FA

The Never Stop Dreaming tournament, organized by Super Eagles star Taiwo Awoniyi, has proven to be a significant event for the town of Ilorin. The tournament brought together 26 football academies from the region, showcasing the immense talent that lies within the local football community. Awoniyi emphasized that the tournament’s theme, “Never Stop Dreaming,” was not just about his team’s performance but aimed to unite the entire state of Ilorin, Kwara.

The tournament provided a platform for young and talented individuals to catch the attention of Awoniyi’s agent, Maximilian Brommer, and potentially open doors for future opportunities. Awoniyi aimed to inspire young players in the state, empowering them to believe that they too can achieve their dreams. The tournament’s broader goal was to create opportunities for young players to be noticed and to instill a sense of possibility, encouraging participants to carry the same belief and motivation to their respective academies.

Despite Unicorn FA’s loss, Awoniyi stressed that winning or losing is not the sole measure of success in football. Instead, the focus was on the tournament’s larger purpose: providing a platform to showcase the talent within the town and creating opportunities for young players to be noticed. Awoniyi commended his team’s dedication and emphasized the significance of reaching the tournament final. He acknowledged their disappointment but reminded them that football is not only about winning or losing; it is about the growth, commitment, and resilience demonstrated throughout the journey.

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The Never Stop Dreaming tournament has undoubtedly served as a catalyst for a brighter future in football for the town of Ilorin. The event showcased the immense talent that lies within the local football community and provided opportunities for young players to be noticed. Awoniyi’s intention to identify promising players and potentially help them through his connections further highlights the impact of the tournament and its significance beyond the game itself.

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