Oshoala Engages Academy Girls In Skill Acquisition

The Asisat Oshoala Academy players are currently undergoing training in various vocational skills. After a successful first season at AO ACADEMY, the players are taking a break from football to expand their skillset.

The skill acquisition program, known as “Impactive Skills Acquisition Recipe for Aspiring Footballers,” is a collaboration between the Asisat Oshoala Foundation and the Lagos State Skill Acquisition Center in Mushin.

During this program, the academy girls will have the opportunity to learn a range of vocational skills such as barbing, hair styling, wig making, pedicure/manicure, make-up, tailoring, and leather works.

Asisat Oshoala, a renowned footballer, emphasized the importance of equipping young people with employable skills that make them globally competitive. She acknowledged that even blue-collar job opportunities are often taken by more skilled individuals from neighboring countries. To address this challenge, Oshoala decided to engage her academy girls in skill acquisition so that they can utilize their knowledge in the future. Not all of them will become professional footballers like her, but having additional skills will give them an advantage in the job market.

While the academy is currently on break after a year of training, the girls will continue their vocational training during this period. Some of the courses may take up to six months to complete. Oshoala wants to ensure that the girls make the most of their break and continue their personal and professional development.

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The Asisat Oshoala Academy is committed to providing a holistic approach to the development of young footballers. By offering skill acquisition programs, they are preparing the girls for a successful future both on and off the field. The academy believes that empowering the players with vocational skills will not only enhance their employability but also contribute to their personal growth and self-confidence.

Follow the progress of the Asisat Oshoala Academy girls and their skill acquisition journey on social media using the hashtags #aoagirls and #skillaquisitionprogramforfootballers.

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