Osimhen and the Napoli fans

Napoli Offers Victor Osimhen a Whopping ₦6.3 Billion Salary to Ward Off European Clubs

Super Eagles star, Victor Osimhen, has become a subject of intense interest from several top clubs in Europe. These clubs are eager to secure his services and bolster their squad. However, Napoli is determined to keep hold of their star striker and has reportedly offered him a staggering ₦6.3 billion salary to entice him to stay.

Last season, Osimhen’s remarkable performances were instrumental in Napoli clinching the Serie A title for the first time in 33 years. The 24-year-old scored an impressive 31 goals in 39 appearances, attracting attention from European giants like Paris Saint-Germain and Chelsea, as well as clubs like Manchester United and Liverpool.

Despite the interest from other clubs, Napoli remains steadfast in their valuation of Osimhen. They are demanding a fee exceeding 100 million for his services. The striker’s market value has soared after winning the Serie A Striker of the Year title, further boosting his reputation.

Amidst all the speculation, Osimhen has expressed his gratitude for the overwhelming love and support he has received from the Napoli faithful. In an interview with Soccernet, he shared heartfelt sentiments about the Napoli fans and the city of Naples:

“The love is really overwhelming. It is huge. I have given my all for them [Napoli], and they know that whenever I go on the pitch, the first thought on my mind is to defend the badge of Napoli, and secondly, it is for the fans. And they know that I play for them. They know I run for them and play for them. Whether we win or lose, I give my all to them to ensure they are satisfied and feel good.

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To get this love back from them, it is a huge honor. I have never seen a city that is more crazy with football than the Neapolitans are, and they show all their players love. Wherever I go, I am respected, and kids love me. A lot of people admire me, and a lot of people idolize me and put on a replica of my mask.

I think it shows the hard work I have given them, and what I mean to them. And for me, there is no better place to be than in this place [Naples], and I am so happy I made the right choice by coming here and achieving this type of greatness with the Neapolitans. It is something I will wake up and always smile about. My children’s children will come into this world and realize their father has done something amazing for the Neapolitans.

And the love they showed me, even when I came to the club and was having this kind of difficulties in settling down well, the love I received from them was really amazing. So for me to pay them back was to deliver this Scudetto, and I am so happy I could achieve this with the rest of my teammates. We did this together. I am really happy about this feeling.”

As negotiations continue, it remains to be seen whether Osimhen’s admiration for the Neapolitans and their reciprocated love will solidify his commitment to Napoli or if the allure of other clubs will sway his decision. Napoli’s substantial salary offer is undoubtedly a strong statement of their desire to keep the star striker in their ranks.

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