Forget About Man United,  Chelsea, PSG, Remain With Napoli –Martins Advises Osimhen

In a recent interview with Brila FM, former Nigerian striker Obafemi Martins has offered some valuable advice to Super Eagles striker Victor Osimhen regarding his future in the football transfer market. Martins, also known as ‘Obagoal,’ has urged Osimhen to ignore the tempting offers from top European clubs such as Manchester United, Chelsea, Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), and Bayern Munich, and instead remain with his current club, Napoli.

Osimhen has been garnering attention from several big clubs following Napoli’s triumph in the Serie A, securing the title for the first time in 33 years. However, Martins believes that it is crucial for Osimhen to choose a club where he can continue to shine without struggling to adapt.

“It depends on the club he’s going to. But I don’t want him to go to a club where he will struggle. He needs to keep the momentum going,” Martins advised during the interview. “To err on the side of caution, I would suggest that he stays back in Napoli at least for one more season.”

Osimhen, known for his impressive goal-scoring abilities and incredible speed on the pitch, has become a highly sought-after player in the football transfer market. His performances in the Serie A have not gone unnoticed, and top clubs are eager to secure his services. However, Martins believes that staying at Napoli for another season would be the wisest decision for Osimhen’s career progression.

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As an experienced footballer who has played for top clubs like Inter Milan, Martins understands the challenges and risks that come with changing clubs too soon. He wants Osimhen to continue building his reputation and honing his skills in a familiar environment before considering a move to a new club.

For now, Osimhen should focus on maintaining his impressive form, contributing to Napoli’s success, and continuing to improve as a player. By staying at Napoli, he will have the opportunity to showcase his abilities on the European stage while enjoying the support and familiarity of his current teammates and coaching staff.

In conclusion, Obafemi Martins’ advice to Victor Osimhen to ignore the allure of clubs like Manchester United, Chelsea, PSG, and Bayern Munich and remain with Napoli for at least one more season is a wise suggestion. It allows Osimhen to consolidate his skills, gain more experience, and ensure a smoother transition to a bigger club in the future.

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