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In a remarkable turn of events, Juventus midfielder, Paul Pogba, has spoken out about France defender Benjamin Mendy’s acquittal in the recent rape case allegations. Mendy, who had been facing serious accusations, was ultimately found not guilty of all charges after a lengthy trial.

The allegations against Mendy involved incidents that allegedly took place in October 2018 and October 2020 at his Cheshire mansion. However, after a thorough three-hour and 15-minute deliberation by the jurors, Mendy was cleared of all charges, leaving him emotional and relieved.

It’s worth noting that this was not the first trial for Mendy. In fact, a previous trial earlier this year, where he was accused of rape by six women, ended inconclusively. As a result, a retrial was ordered, specifically concerning the charges of rape and attempted rape involving the two women in question.

Throughout the entire trial process, Mendy consistently maintained his innocence, claiming that any sexual intercourse that occurred was consensual. His determination to clear his name paid off, as the verdict ultimately vindicated him.

Upon hearing the news, Pogba took to Instagram to express his joy and support for his fellow footballer. In his post, he wrote, “So happy for you bro… all the people that were talking bad about you. Now I wanna see them cleaning your name. Can’t wait to see you on the pitch again.”

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Mendy’s legal battle had a significant impact on his professional career. Last season, he was unable to play any matches for Manchester City due to the ongoing rape case. However, with this acquittal, Mendy is now free to focus on his football career and make a comeback on the pitch.

This latest development has brought relief to Mendy and his supporters, who are eager to see him return to action. It serves as a reminder that, in the world of sports, the pursuit of justice and the support of teammates can lead to triumph both on and off the field.

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