Portugal Would Have Won 2022 World Cup If…–Deco

Former Portugal international Deco has recently made a bold statement about his country’s chances at the 2022 World Cup. According to Deco, Portugal would have won the tournament if they had Lionel Messi on their team.

Deco, who had an impressive career with 75 appearances for A Selecao, acknowledged that Portugal boasts many talented players. However, he believes that the absence of Messi puts them at a disadvantage compared to Argentina.

During an interview with Argentine outlet TR Sports, Deco stated, “Argentina won the World Cup because they have Messi. For us, Portugal had the best generation of good players, but we don’t have Messi.”

It is worth noting that Messi, who was Deco’s former teammate at Barcelona, led Argentina to their third World Cup victory. In a thrilling final against France, Argentina emerged victorious after a 3-3 draw in extra time, winning on penalties.

Deco’s comments highlight the impact that a player of Messi’s caliber can have on a team’s success. With his exceptional skills and ability to influence the game, Messi proved to be the difference-maker for Argentina.

While Portugal has undoubtedly produced a talented generation of players, the absence of a player like Messi may have hindered their chances of winning the coveted trophy in 2022.

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Deco’s statement provides an interesting perspective on the importance of having a standout player like Messi in a national team setup. It also emphasizes the significance of individual brilliance in the context of a team sport like football.

As football fans eagerly anticipate the 2022 World Cup, it remains to be seen if Portugal can overcome the absence of a player like Messi and achieve success on the grandest stage of them all.

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