Photos: President Tinubu receives visit from Real Madrid star

President Tinubu’s recent diaspora engagement in France marks a significant milestone in his presidential journey, demonstrating his unwavering dedication to fostering connections with Nigerians across the globe. The event, which was held in Paris, was attended by a vibrant gathering of Nigerians residing in France, including Real Madrid star David Alaba.

The engagement provided a platform for meaningful discussions where attendees could share their experiences, concerns, and aspirations. The presence of David Alaba, widely regarded as one of the finest defenders in the world, added an extra dimension of excitement to the event, capturing the attention of football enthusiasts and political observers alike.

Pictures capturing the memorable moments of the occasion were shared on Twitter by Nigerian journalist KC, further amplifying the significance of the event. The images show President Tinubu interacting with the Austrian, taking their photo, and even posing for a picture while grasping his Real Madrid jersey.

President Tinubu’s commitment to engaging with Nigerians in the diaspora is crucial in strengthening ties between Nigeria and the international community. Through such engagements, President Tinubu is demonstrating a willingness to listen to the concerns and aspirations of Nigerians living abroad, and to work towards addressing their needs.

As Nigeria continues to face a range of challenges, including insecurity, economic instability, and social unrest, it is essential that its leaders remain engaged with its citizens both at home and abroad. By holding diaspora engagements such as this, President Tinubu is demonstrating his commitment to building a Nigeria that is inclusive, prosperous, and united.

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