Abia Warriors Chairman Oweh To Revive Youth Teams

In a bid to revitalize the youth and academy teams of Abia Warriors, the club’s acting chairman, Innocent Oweh, has announced plans to reactivate these squads. Oweh revealed this during a meeting with the technical crew and backroom staff at the club’s secretariat in Umuahia, as reported on Abia Warriors Twitter handle.

Recognizing the importance of the youth team in the club’s past success, Oweh aims to bring them back to prominence. He intends for the teams to participate in the Nationwide League Division 1 in the upcoming season and the Npfl LaLiga U-15 tournament.

Emphasizing the significance of youth development, Oweh commended the coaches for their efforts in nurturing young talents and urged them to scout the surrounding areas for gifted footballers. The chairman expressed his satisfaction with their work and encouraged them to continue in their pursuit of discovering talented players.

The youth team programs are scheduled to commence in the first week of July, signaling the club’s commitment to developing young talents and securing a brighter future for Abia Warriors.

Last season, Abia Warriors finished fourth in the Npfl Group B with 27 points from 18 games, showcasing their competitiveness and potential for success. With the revival of the youth and academy teams, the club aims to further strengthen their position in the league and pave the way for sustained excellence.

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As Abia Warriors embark on this new chapter, the football community eagerly awaits the emergence of fresh talents and the positive impact they will make in the team’s journey towards achieving greater heights.

(Source: Complete Sports)

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