History Makers: Sporting Lagos promoted to the NPFL just a year after they were founded

Sporting Lagos F.C. Makes History: Promoted to the NPFL in Just One Year

Nigeria National League side, Sporting Lagos F.C., has achieved the unthinkable by gaining promotion to the Nigeria Professional Football League (NPFL) just under a year after the club was founded. This remarkable feat has captured the attention of football enthusiasts and has been celebrated as an incredible achievement for the club.

Sporting Lagos F.C., founded in 2022 by Paystack CEO Shola Akinlade, has quickly risen through the ranks to secure a spot in the NPFL. Their journey to the top flight has been nothing short of extraordinary, defying expectations and proving their potential as a competitive team.

Competing in Group B2 of the Nigeria National League, Sporting Lagos F.C. faced tough competition from teams such as Ijebu United, Gateway United, Crown, Smart City, and Joy Cometh. However, the team emerged victorious, finishing at the top of their group with eighteen points from ten games. Their promotion was secured based on goal difference, narrowly edging out Ijebu United, who also had eighteen points.

With their spot in the Promotion Play-offs confirmed, Sporting Lagos F.C. entered Group B alongside F.C. One Rocket, Abeokuta Stormers, and five-time NPFL Champions, Heartland F.C. The top two teams from this group would earn promotion to the NPFL.

Sporting Lagos F.C. kicked off the play-offs with a hard-fought victory against F.C. One Rocket, winning the game by a single goal. In their crucial match against Abeokuta Stormers, Sporting Lagos F.C. sealed their status as a top-flight team with a convincing 2-0 win. Ayemwenre Rivio and Saturday Okon were the heroes of the match, scoring the goals that secured their team’s promotion. The match took place at the Stephen Keshi International Stadium in Asaba, adding to the significance of the achievement.

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The club’s success has generated a lot of excitement and support from fans, as well as recognition from the football community. Sporting Lagos F.C.’s official Twitter account shared the news, posting updates and celebrating their back-to-back wins, including a penalty save and the confirmation of their NPFL status.

Head coach Paul Offor has played a pivotal role in the team’s success since joining the NNL in 2022. He expressed his delight and pride in the team’s achievement, highlighting the significance of the promotion for the club and its supporters.

Sporting Lagos F.C.’s promotion to the NPFL is not only a testament to their skill and determination but also showcases the potential for newer clubs to make a mark in Nigerian football. The achievement serves as an inspiration for other up-and-coming teams and highlights the importance of hard work, strategic planning, and strong leadership in achieving success in the sport.

As Sporting Lagos F.C. prepares for their debut season in the NPFL, the club’s supporters eagerly anticipate their performance against some of the country’s top football teams. The promotion has undoubtedly raised expectations for the team, and it will be exciting to see how they fare in the upcoming season.

Overall, Sporting Lagos F.C.’s remarkable journey from a newly founded club to NPFL promotion has captured the attention and admiration of the football community. It serves as a reminder that with dedication, talent, and perseverance, anything is possible in the world of sports.

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