I'm Happy Neymar Is Injured

Despite suffering a major blow with the injury of their star player Neymar, French legend Christophe Dugarry believes the absence of the Brazilian is a blessing in disguise for Paris Saint-Germain (PSG). Neymar is likely out for the remainder of the season after suffering an ankle injury, but Dugarry believes PSG, who are set to take on Bayern Munich in the Champions League, will be better off without him.

Speaking to RMC Sport, Dugarry said “I’m glad for PSG that Neymar is injured. I believe it’s an amazing stroke of luck for Christophe Galtier. This team is way more balanced with a five-man defense, three midfielders and a [Lionel] Messi/[Kylian] Mbappé duo.”

The former French international believes that Neymar’s absence will mean that there is more balance in the team, which could give PSG a better chance of overturning their 1-0 deficit and progressing to the next round of the Champions League.

With Neymar’s injury, PSG will have to rely on their other star players, such as Messi and Mbappé, to lead them to victory. It will be interesting to see how the team fares without their star player. Although it’s unfortunate that Neymar won’t be able to play, Dugarry believes that the injury may be a blessing in disguise for the PSG.

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